Research Interests                    

Organization Theory, Social Networks, Stratification and Inequality, Dynamic Groups, Learning and Innovation, Economic Sociology.


Social Distance and Knowledge Transformation: The effects of social network distance on organizational learning,” with Brandy Aven. 2016. Sociological Science. 3, 1103-1131.

Working Papers

 “Intra-organizational Mobility and Performance Disruption,” with Adina Sterling and Brandy Aven, Manuscript in preparation.

Exploring the Effects of Newcomers on Incumbents: The Role of Social Comparison,Revise & Resubmit.

Gender, Mobility, and Communication Networks,” with Brandy Aven and Adam M. Kleinbaum, Manuscript in preparation.

 Disentangling Tie Formation: The Effects of Preference versus Role Homophily” with Brandy Aven and Ming D. Leung, Manuscript in preparation.