Research Interests                    

Organization Theory, Social Networks, Stratification and Inequality, Dynamic Groups, Learning and Innovation, Economic Sociology.


Social Distance and Knowledge Transformation: The effects of social network distance on organizational learning,” with Brandy Aven. 2016. Sociological Science. 3, 1103-1131.


Intra-Organizational Mobility: Movers, Incumbents, and Communication Networks

Committee: Brandy Aven (chair), Adam Kleinbaum, David Krackhardt, Adina Sterling, and James Herbsleb

Chapter 1: “Structural Blindness? Mobility and Performance Disruption in Organizations” with Adina Sterling and Brandy Aven, Manuscript in preparation.

Chapter 2:  “The Double-edged Effect of Hiring Top Performers: Newcomer's Performance, Group Hierarchy, and Intragroup Ranking as Predictors of Incumbents' Performance,” Manuscript in preparation.

Chapter 3:  “Gender, Mobility, and Communication Networks,” with Brandy Aven and Adam Kleinbaum, Manuscript in preparation.

Abstract: My dissertation research investigates how intra-organizational mobility affects and is affected by communication networks, individual strategies, and performance. As individuals move from position to position through their careers within an organization, they tend to experience a change in the level of status associated with the job, in the tasks performed, in the level of responsibilities undertaking, in the organizational context wherein the work occurs, or some combination of the above. The change in career leads to changes in the structures of organizational social networks, which in turn, could affect all employees embedded in the organizational network. In separate chapters, I investigate the interaction of communication network and career mobility from the perspectives of the movers and the incumbents. My coauthors and I also investigate the gender differences in managing the dynamic changes of communication patterns.

Working Papers (Manuscripts Available Upon Request)

 Birds of a Feather or Birds Flocking Together? Disentangling the Effects of Preference and Role Homophily on Tie Formation,” with Brandy Aven and Ming Leung, Manuscript in preparation.